Healing on the Streets (HOTS)

Healing on the Streets is the church taking the Gospel to the streets of Britain in a truely practical way. Often Jesus demonstrated the good news of the Kingdom of God simply by healing people. The same is happening today in Britain. Small teams of Christians, often drawn from a mix of churches, regularly go out onto the streets of Britain's towns and cities and offer to pray for people in Jesus' name. They do this in the authority and power that Jesus gave His disciples:

"He gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness." (Mat 10.1)

Of course, God is sovereign and heals in His way and in His time. Sometimes people are healed instantaneously, sometimes they are healed over time, and sometimes people are not healed (and we don't know why)! The following are direct quotes from the reports of those teams.


In 2011, teams prayed on the streets 153 times, of which 101 were for people present, and 52 were proxy prayers. Of those prayed for they saw (because of witnessing a physical miracle) or heard evidence of 14 healings or partial healings. A number of relationships were also started which led to further opportunities to witness to the Gospel, and several people became regular church attenders.


"A lady came with very intense back pain. After prayer she said it was not quite gone, but soooo much better!"

"We prayed for a man who had an undisclosed health problem and loss of peace. After prayer he could not talk or get up from the chair. After a few minutes he said he felt really peaceful."

"We prayed again for a man who came to us before for healing of brain tumours. He had an MRI scan among other treatments this week. The oncologist was very pleased with him. The scan is looking good, with the tumours very small."


"Since last Sunday when my knees were prayed for, I can kneel without pain, something which hasn't happened for years. I keep checking to make sure, but I know they feel different, not just in the absence of pain (which was like kneeling on a sharp stone) but their shape. ..."

"I received a deep emotional healing, something I had been struggling with for 8 years and could get little relief from despite much prayer before, I feel really free from this burden for the first time ever, I cannot thank enough the people who so sensitively prayed for me and ..."

"I have been troubled by bursitis in my hip for several months now and it has not really responded to medication - as a result I have found sitting, standing and lying quite uncomfortable. On Saturday afternoon, I took the opportunity of being prayed for and Praise the Lord had a comfortable nights sleep (despite a hardish bed at the B and B) and since then have remained virtually pain free. I can now lie on both sides in bed at night which is wonderful and I feel so renewed. I can sit and stand with hardly any pain at all."

For more detail please visit Winchester.


"A person suffering from a crooked back and in chronic pain described the pain as dripping away from the base of their spine and walked away pain free after some prayer."

"A painful knee that would neither bend, nor straighten fully. As we prayed the person's knee felt as if it was anaesthetised. The pain and stiffness went completely."

"Two weeks after prayer a lady came back and reported that to the doctors' surprise, her husband's cancer was in remission."

For more detail please visit Tonbridge.


"Prayer was needed for a trapped nerve in a lady's right leg that is occasionally very painful to walk on. She felt an incredible sense of peace during the prayer and all the pain disappeared."

"We prayed for a gentleman who had pain in his shoulder joint and arm. Initially it felt better but the pain was still there so we prayed again and it was much improved."

"We prayed for a lady with pain and slight reddening in her index finger, which she was unable to move. We prayed against the pain and inflammation and any arthritis (which she confirmed she had in her thumb). We also prayed for rehydrating of joints, body, heart and spirit. At her request we prayed against any curses over her and had a picture of light spreading throughout Padstow which was to prevail. At the end of the prayer she was able to move her finger easily."

For more detail please visit Truro.


A lady came in for prayer because of her short sightedness and blurred vision. She said that her vision was clearer after prayer. Team members prayed again and she felt that her vision was much clearer.

A man came in for prayer for his arthritis. He had received prayer before for his knees which he said were now much better. We prayed for healing for his lower back. He said that he felt better in himself after prayer. We wait to see if there are any further developments!

A young man came for prayer at the behest of his sister. He spoke of anger and hopelessness. His attitude softened as he was prayed for. The good news of Jesus Christ was shared with him and he then decided then to give his life to Christ. He was smiling as he accepted Jesus.

For more detail please visit Canterbury.


"After prayer, I could breath more easily and deeper."

"I did not feel any difference in my knee after your prayers, but by the morning after it was feeling completely healed."

"Before I sat down I had pain in my back and legs. When I got up I could feel less pain in my back and was able to stand without stumbling."

For more detail please visit Camberley.

Brighton & Hove

(On one day) "We prayed for 17 individuals! These included a Muslim lady who felt relief from a persistent back pain and a lady who was a Spiritualist who felt touched by God and relief from pain in her shoulder; a lady who was suffering from anxiety and another from migraines. Healing began for a lady who had nerve damage in her arm."

"One Lady experienced such peace and inner healing and felt the love of Jesus during prayer that she came back and asked how she could become a Christian."

"A young man received inner healing as a result of prayer after contemplating suicide during the previous night."

For more detail please visit Brighton & Hove.

Bible quotations are from the New American Standard Bible