Advantages and Benefits of the Christian Life

Here are ten precious gifts from God to those who trust in Jesus Christ

See also God's Promises to You

"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it." (Mat 7.13,14)

1. Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Freedom

God promises forgiveness for following the wrong path in life. We have all done this and we need to be reconciled to God and re-directed. We need freedom from a troubled conscience, freedom from wrong thought and actions against God and against our fellow man. This gift leads to real freedom in life - something we have never yet experienced. In short, a fresh start. All we have to do is come to God our Father in prayer through Jesus His Son, acknowledge our wrong ways, and let Him be Lord of our lives.

(John 8.36 - Acts 13.39 - Acts 16.31 - Romans 3.10,23 - Colossians 1.22 - Hebrews 10.19-22)

2. Assurance that God knows us and Cares for us.

From birth to death, God knows all our thoughts and all our actions. God assures us of His unfailing love for us, and of everlasting life going beyond physical death.

(Deut 33.27 - Ps 34.15 - Ps 139.1-18 - John 3.16 - John 14.23 - Romans 8.38,39)

3. A Reliable Friend

Once on the right path in life, God becomes our most reliable friend. Once on the true path we walk with God and His risen Son Jesus Christ through life, death, and beyond. He never leaves us. He is completely reliable. Through prayer we can have an intimacy with God the Father even to the point of respectfully calling Him 'Dad'!

(John 14.23 - Mat 28.20 - Matthew 6.6 - Romans 8.15 - Hebrews 10.19)

4. Freedom from Fear and a Healthy Awesome Fear of God

God gives us freedom from fear: fear of loneliness, fear of man, fear of death, fear of hell. Once on the correct path in life God gives us an awe and reverence (many translations call it 'fear') for Him which we never had before. We start to recognise the one true God.

(Matthew 10.28-31 - Rom 8.15 - Hebrews 2.14,15 - Rev 4)

5. A True Aim and Purpose in Life

God will give us a new and extraordinary aim in life; namely, to know Him (the Father) and His Son Jesus Christ whom He sent. In doing this we glorify, love and serve God, and love and serve our fellow man. This starts now and goes on past death into everlasting life.

(Isaiah 43.7 - Matthew 10.39 - John 10.10 - John 17.3)

6. Inner Peace and Joy

God gives us an inner stillness and a peaceful spirit in the midst of noise, turmoil and life's natural stresses.

(John 14.27 - John:15.11 - Phil 4.6,7 - Col 3.15 - 1 Jn 1.4)

7. Strength, Power and Steadfastness

God will give us the extraordinary ability to live a stable, God-centred life, and extraordinary strength and power when circumstances dictate it.

(Deut 8.9 - Ps 46.1 - Isaiah 40.29-31 - John 14.12 - Matthew 7.24,25)

8. Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom

God gives us His 'Spirit of truth' to provide us with knowledge, understanding and wisdom. The Spirit reveals truths about major issues in life (purpose, morality, destiny etc.) and the reasons behind certain major world events. He also gives the ability to discern truth and error and to recognise deception. Such understanding is unavailable to those on the wrong path in life.

(Prov 9.10 - Luke 21.15 - John 14.16,17,26)

9. God's Guidance along Life's Path

Life is complex. How do we know the right decisions in life? For those who trust in Jesus, the indwelling Holy Spirit guides us at those difficult times in life - we are not alone. He gives us Godly wisdom to know the right thing to do. He opens the right door and closes the wrong one if we acknowledge Him in our plans.

(Ps 32.8 - Ps 37.5,23 - Prov 16.3,9 - Prov 20.24)

10. A Healthy Body and Mind

Our health suffers when we worry or cover up our wrong actions. But once on the correct path in life there is often a physical spin-off. Our bodies can benefit from improved health, and even dramatic healing can occur when we put our faith in Him and use His authority over sickness.

(Ps 31.9,10 - Ps 32.2-4 - Prov 3.7,8 - Prov - 15.30 - Acts 9.34 - James 5.14,15)