End Tmes Bible Prophecy

Bible 'end time' prophecy

speaks of the last days of this age. It reveals the truth about what we observe in the world today: the steady move to world government (NWO), the move towards a 'political world church', the cashless way we buy things (RFID), the Arab-Israeli conflict, the world financial chaos, increased terrorism and lawlessness, increased persecution of Christians - and even the severe weather! It also speaks of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

Bible Prophecy & End Times

After 6,000 years of steady human progression, the global scenario suddenly seems far less certain. Life as we know it looks threatened by rapidly increasing population, reduced food stocks, water and energy shortages, massive budget deficits, increased terrorism and extreme weather. Scholars of Bible prophecy interpret what we are observing as signs of the end of the age and the immanent return of Jesus Christ. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes and predicts that the end of the age will be dramatic.

Prophecy of Global Financial Collapse

The global government debt is rapidly increasing, demanding ever higher interest payments from governments. Even the one trillion dollar bailout to Greece is inadequate. "The world is facing the worst financial crisis since at least the 1930s - if not ever" [Governor of the Bank of England, 2012]. Sudden global financial meltdown (as in 2008) is hard to predict: "You will never foresee these things - the system is ultimately just too complicated for anybody to really understand" [Martin Wolf, Financial Times, London]. But Bible prophecy foresees it all; at the end of this age there will be total and sudden global financial meltdown:

"Woe, woe, the great city, Babylon, the strong city ...
in one hour such great wealth has been laid waste!" (Rev 18.10,17)

Prophecy of World Government

Winston Churchill, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, George W. Bush and Gordon Brown have all called for a "New World Order" or "World Government". This is in line with Bible prophecy, which points to a brutal end time world system linked to the historic Roman Empire!

Is the European Union a forerunner of this political system? Is Roman Catholicism the prophesied apostate church associated with this system?

Prophecy of a World Church

The book of Revelation says that at the end of this age there will be 'a woman sitting on a scarlet beast' (Rev 17.3). Why do we see pictures and sculptures of a woman on a beast all over Europe? Many interpret this symbol as a worldwide apostate church with the power and influence to even control the end time world government.

Is the Ecumenical Movement creating this apostate church in the name of 'unity'? Is the Vatican slowly forcing this unity by claiming that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church?

Prophecy of RFID (Electronic ID) & Human Implants

An RFID chip

An electronic RFID 'tag'. It is the size of a grain of rice and is human implantable.

Today's electronic ID technology includes smart cards (cards with chips), biometrics, and radio-frequency identification (RFID). RFID is everywhere e.g. in supermarkets, general retailers, electronic road tolls, and in your pet dog. The bad news is that electronic ID gives massive control over individuals, and the ultimate electronic ID is just around the corner - the mark of Revelation!

Prophecy of Middle East War on Israel

Coming war in the Middle East

Iran has said: "Israel should be eliminated from the pages of history". Such intense hatred of Israel will lead to a final world war in the Middle East.

Much of the Middle East conflict is over Israel's very existence, the concept of 'occupied land' and the ownership of Jerusalem. But Israel has a strong legal case on all three issues, as shown in the following video:

For more detail see Israel's Legal Borders and The Palestinian Problem. The real reason for Israel's prominence today is biblical rather than political. The Bible says that God chose a special people to be His witness to the world. According to prophecy, at the end of the age the nations will come to know God through Israel.

Israel - Living in Fear

The Tel Aviv beach looks peaceful. But in November 2012 sirens sounded in the city signalling a rocket attack - the first time that a siren had been sounded in Tel Aviv since the Gulf War.

Today millions of Israelis live within range of rocket and mortar attacks. Central Israel is now at risk and people have just a few seconds to reach rocket shelters. In 2011, some 653 rockets, missiles or mortars were fired into Israel, compared to 238 for 2010. The number increased to over 2,000 in 2012 [ see also rocket statistics ].

The following video illustrates what it is like to live within rocket range. How should Israel respond?

Want to know the TRUTH about Israel? See:

Prophecy of Extreme Weather

AR5 Global Warming Projections
IPCC Projections Enlarge
The graph shows observed globally and annually averaged surface temperature since 1990 (black squares) compared with the temperature projections from previous IPCC assessments e.g. AR4. Values are aligned to match the average observed value at 1990 and the observed temperature change is relative to 1961-1990. IPCC AR5 2013 climate models predict a global surface temperature rise of 1.5-2°C by 2100 relative to the mean from 1850-1900.
The prediction models assume that man-made greenhouse gases are largely responsible for warming, at least over the past 50 years. But is this really true? In particular, what about variations in the sun?

And what does Bible prophecy say?

"There will be ... dismay among nations,
in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves" (Lk 21.25)

For a biblical perspective on climate change see Is God Changing Our Climate?

Prophecy of Lawlessness & Terrorism

9/11 - worst ever act of terrorism

9-11 was the worst ever act of terrorism.

"Terrorism is any act intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or international organization to do or abstain from doing any act" [UN Panel, 2005].

Lawlessness is a lack of civil order or peace usually arising either from failure of government, or defiance of the law.

Statistics show a relentless increase in violence and terrorist attacks. Since 1900, violent crime in the UK is up at least 8,000%. And international terrorism is up some 15,000% on 1960 levels! Bible prophecy says that lawlessness will increase at the end of the age.

Persecution - UK Style

Puppet UK Government?
Image: Free Photos
EU Equality Directives are forcing serious changes in UK Law. These changes affect, amongst others, employers, voluntary organisations, providers of good and services, and the public sector. Essentially it is anti-discrimination legislation, which in principle is to be welcomed.

But in practice this legislation is far from 'equal' and infringes the human rights of Christians. Humanistic equality law invariably trumps strongly held personal beliefs, particularly wrt morality and ethics. Simply expressing Christian belief can now result in loss of employment. Such treatment is unwarranted and clearly is a form of persecution. Jesus said widespread persecution of believers is a sign of the end of the age (Mark 13.9-13).

Who's in Control: God or Government?

Will your vote make a difference?

Will an election and change of government have any effect upon a nation's well-being and prosperity if the new government openly rejects biblical principles - as in the UK? Indeed, is it possible for any government that ignores God's decrees in the Bible to make a country prosperous? Who has overall power and authority, God or government?

There is an unseen law (God's Law) that overrides all the plans of a secular government. This law can result in blessings if a nation adheres to God's word, and judgement if it does not!

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people." (Prov 14.34)


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World events are moving rapidly to a climax and the end of the age. World organisations, the EU, cashless trading (electronic ID), international terrorism, the growth of Israel and severe weather events have all come to prominence within some 50 years! Since all these things are foreseen in the Bible, why not see what else it says? The Bible says there is hope in a dark world - see Steps You Must Take.

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