God's Promises to Believers

Promises to those who trust in Jesus Christ

Through faith in Christ I am - a new person

Through Christ's death on the cross I am forgiven for all my past wrongs in the sight of God. And if I confess todayís sins, He will forgive these too. I realise that all this is mine through Godís action alone, by His grace, and by my faith in Christ's work. He tasted death and separation from God for me. I realise that I could never achieve forgiveness by trying to obey Godís law in my own strength; I am justified in the sight of God by faith in Christ alone.

(Isa:53.5 Eph:1.7 Eph:2.8 Rom:6.3,4 1Jn:1.9 Isa:53.5 Gal:5.16)

In Godís sight I am now complete and made whole; I am cleansed and made holy; I am Ďreborní as a new person. In fact, I am also cleansed each day by reading and accepting the word of God. I have been Ďre-madeí and am now set apart for use in Godís Kingdom.

(Col:2.10 Jn:3.3 Jn:15.3 Jn:17.17,19 1Cor:1.1 Eph:2.10)

I am freed from a bondage and darkness that I never really recognised. I was a slave to wrong thoughts and actions, wrong passions and desires (sin), but now Christ has set me free from such things. I now walk by the Light of life (Christ), and no longer walk in darkness.

(Col:1.13 Gal:5.1,24 Jn:8.12,32,36 Jn:12.46)

I now have the Spirit of God dwelling in me, and have become a member of the body of Christ, His Church.

(1Cor:3.16, 1Cor:12.12,27)

Through faith in Christ I have - a loving relationship with the living God

I am now accepted by, and reconciled to God. I am now at peace with Him, and accept Jesusí gift of peace in this troubled world.

(2Cor:5.18 Rom:5.1 Jn:14.27 1Pet:1.2)

I am known by name in heaven, and my name is written in the book of life. I am like a son to God, and God is like a Father to me. Jesus calls me His friend, if I do what He asks.

(Lk:10.20 Rev:20.15 Jn:10.3,14 Gal:4.6,9 Jn:15.14,15)

I can come boldly to my Father in heaven through Christ, our great high priest. So I can talk directly to my Father in heaven through prayer, even in quiet, secret prayer. I can talk to Jesus in just the same way! And since I am reconciled to God, Jesus and the Father listen to me and answer my prayer when it glorifies the Father in the Son.

(Heb:4.16,10.21,22 Mat:6.6 Jn:14.13,14,16.23)

Jesus cares for me as a shepherd cares for his sheep, and my Father knows me and holds me firmly in His hand. He knows my thoughts and what I am doing. He thinks a great deal about me, and He even numbers the hairs of my head! And my life is not aimless or random, nor is it my own anymore - He has a plan for my life.

(Jn:10.2-4,29 Ps:94.11 Mat:9.4 Lk:12.7 Jn:21.18,19 Ps:139.1-3,16,17 Ps:25.12,32.8 Prov:16.9)

Since I love Jesus, in some mysterious way I am in-dwelt by the living God. Both the Spirit and mind of Christ dwell within me, so I tend to act and think as He does. This is comforting in a world of philosophers and the high-minded!

(Jn:14.23 1Cor:2.16)

Through faith in Christ I have - a new life here on earth

I have a new purpose in life, and this will lead to a really full and satisfying life. As I delight myself in the Lord He gives me the desires of my heart. I now live for Christ and not myself, and in the name of Jesus I have the authority and power to do great works for Him. I share the burdens and problems of fellow believers, and I am an Ďambassadorí for Christ to unbelievers.

(Jn:10.10 Ps:37.4 2Cor:5.15,20 Jn:14.12-14 Gal:6.2 Mat:28.18-20)

I am helped in my new life by the indwelling Holy Spirit. He leads me into truth, guides me, teaches me, and helps me to pray. When the path isnít clear He will tell me the way. When problems arise I can claim the peace of Jesus, and use a very effective weapon, the word of God. I stand firm, protected by truth, righteousness, the assurance of salvation and the shield of faith. So even when sorrowful, I can still rejoice, even when poor I can still make many rich, even with nothing I still possess all things!

(Jn:14.16,15.26,20.21 Prov:3.6 Ps:32.8,25.8-12 Rom:8.9,26,27,32 Jn:16.13 1Cor:2.13 Heb:4.12 Eph:6.14-17 2Cor:6.10)

I am being trained to be more like Christ each day; to think spiritual thoughts, to speak helpful and timely words, and to be enriched in knowledge. He makes my speech to be like apples of gold in a setting of silver. Like barren branches on a vine, the fruitless parts of my life are being Ďprunedí away by my Father in heaven. I am developing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

(1Cor:2.16 Eph:4.29 Prov:25.11 1Cor:1.5,2.13 Jn:15.2 Gal:5.22,23)

I am being given wisdom from above, to replace my worldly thoughts and ideas. This heavenly wisdom is pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering and without hypocrisy. Such wisdom gives me true knowledge, discretion and understanding.

(Ja:3.15,17 Prov:2.6,10,11)

I have someone who can bear lifeís griefís and sorrows, and through His scourging I count myself healed. The Lord is healing to my body and refreshment to my bones. As I trust in Him, He gives me new strength.

(Isa:53.4,5 Prov:3.8,4.22 Isa:43.29-31)

Through faith in Christ I have - a safe eternal destiny

I am saved from the anger and coming judgement of God on a sinful world. I am saved from eternal separation from God since my name is written in the book of life.

(Rom:5.9 Jn:3.18 Jn:5.24 Rev:6.12-17,20.15)

I am promised eternal life, and I am eternally safe in the hands of the living God. After death I will be raised with an imperishable, spiritual body and live in a home prepared for me in heaven. My faith in Christ makes me worthy to rise from the dead, and to enjoy the many good things that God has prepared for me. And through my endeavours on earth I will have stored up treasures in heaven. These future times will be like drinking pure water from a crystal-clear spring.

(Jn:3.16,36 Jn:6.40 Jn:10.28 1Cor:15.42-53 Jn:14.2,3 Lk:20.35 1Cor:2.9 Mat:19.21 Rev:21.6,22.1)

Since I am now in Godís Kingdom, spiritually speaking I am a citizen of heaven and I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. I am a citizen of the New Jerusalem, and one-day I will walk through her pearly gates and down her street of gold to dine with the Lord at His table!

(Jn:14.23 Eph:2.6 Phil:3.20 Rev:21.21 Lk:22.29,30)

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