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Seeking Truth

The Importance of Seeking Truth

seeking truth

Seeking Truth in a World of Lies

We live in a world of lies. Fake news is everywhere and often has the aim of influencing political views, or damaging the reputation of a person, organisation or country, or generating revenue. So who knows if what we absorb through the media is true, half-true or half-lie? In the extreme, a fake news story may be totally fabricated (a total lie), with no verifiable facts, sources or quotes.

Real World Examples

Falsehoods are even taught to children. Just see the millions who pass on the lie about Santa Claus generation after generation. They are told that Father Christmas lives at the North Pole! Harmless perhaps, but in reality, a lie! And as a child grows up, will they be allowed to debate how the world around us got here, or will “evolution” be presented as undisputed “truth” in school? As for adults, are we being told the truth about climate change? Can mankind really control the world’s weather? Is there an underlying political agenda behind the climate crisis? And is it really true that Israel is living on “occupied land” as stated by the media?

The Bible describes the lack of absolute certainty in the world like this:

For truth [the real facts] is fallen in the street, and equity [fairness, equality] cannot enter. So truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey [a victim].

Isaiah 59:14-15

How true that is! For example, those who try and expose lies in the corporate world (whistle blowers) often put themselves in danger. And in the UK, those who publicly state the biblical view on, say, homosexuality can lose their job!

The Source of Lies

Why do we live in a world of lies? Why are we often skeptical of media reports? Such questions can be difficult to answer, especially for atheists and humanists. Atheism can be defined as disbelief in the existence of God or gods, whilst humanists class themselves as agnostic or atheist. But are atheists and humanists basing their worldview on a wrong assumption? Suppose there is a spiritual world and that there is a God? In fact, it could be claimed that atheism is illogical in rejecting the existence of God.

seeking truth

If we accept that there could be a spiritual world as well as a physical one, then there is a serious explanation for the world of lies and the lack of truth.

The Bible explains the origin of all lies: they have a spiritual origin from “the Father of lies” – Satan (John 8:44).

Paradoxically, much of the western world (especially the media) treats this explanation as mythical, but is happy to use the term “magical” to describe perfectly ordinary scenarios! It seems that the majority of mankind (not just atheists and humanists) readily live in a world of lies without trying to find the truth.

Seeking Truth in the Last Days

As for the future, the Bible warns that perilous times will come. It says that in the last days of this age people will turn away from truth and turn to myths.

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching … and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

2 Timothy 4:3-4

For example, in 2014 the UK Government banned the teaching of creationism in schools, link. Sadly, to back up this ban, it was even claimed that most mainstream churches rejected the biblical text about creationism anyway, link. So today, the Genesis account about creation is largely ignored (not even discussed), despite the strong scientific evidence supporting it. Truth has certainly “fallen in the street”!

Discerning Truth from Lies

The good news is that mankind need not be enslaved in a world of lies. The Lord Jesus said that truth sets us free from lies. And He stated where we can find it. He said:

I am the way, the truth and the life

John 14:6

The Bible says that when we follow the living Christ, He sends us the Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit) to “guide us into all truth” (John 16:13). With the Spirit’s help the truth about many issues becomes clearer, as for example on the debatable issues of creation-evolution, same-sex marriage, the Arab-Israeli conflict, multifaith, and climate change.

Finally, a word of warning. In Revelation chapter 22 we read God’s warning to whoever loves and practices lies. At the ultimate end of this age, those who are liars in both words and in deeds will not enter the heavenly kingdom, but will be cast outside of it. 

So seeking truth in an age of lies is very important. Yet how many seek it? If you are one of those who seek truth, then you are in the right path. For worshippers of the one, true God must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. And they receive the Spirit of Truth to help them discern truth from lies.

This website seeks to explain the truth on many issues of everyday life.


  1. GLORIA Fagbenro GLORIA Fagbenro 04/09/2022

    I have read two to three of your books. The last that i just finished reading now is Not for Everyone. Are there any more books that you send to me please. i am firm believer in YESHUA JESUS CHRIST AS MY LORD GOD AND SAVIOUR. I was led by The HOLY SPIRIT TO READ ROMANS 12….. NOT CONFORMING TO THE PATTERN OF THIS WORLD, BUT RENEWING MY MIND

    • ceeKtruth-block ceeKtruth-block Post author | 05/09/2022

      Gloria: we do not publish books, but you are welcome to use any material on this site [Ed.]

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