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The Source of Truth

The Source of Truth

God's Word is the source of truth


Life is a search for absolute truth – something that is always true and non-negotiable. Science can only make tentative claims to absolute truth since different ‘truths’ may emerge later. Darwinian evolution is not absolutely true since it is only a theory based on tentative scientific evidence.

The source of absolute truth is available, but such truth is beyond the finite human mind (it is transcendent). Man must look outside the world. Jesus [Yeshua], claimed to be the Son of God and the source of absolute truth. So He was dogmatic on key issues like heaven and hell, morality, creation, judgement and the need for reconciliation to God. God promises to guide believers into absolute truth through the Holy Spirit.

Defining Truth

This complex subject is discussed at depth in What is Truth? Let’s summarise the concepts:

  • Statements like “All truth is relative” or “Absolute truth does not exist” are themselves claiming an absolute truth. So absolute truth exists
  • Truth (in the absolute sense) can be used as a moral attribute of a person e.g. are they consistent, reliable, dependable? Christians claim God is true or faithful to His word
  • Truth is often used in an intellectual sense (which is also an absolute sense). For example, historical truth states what actually happened, scientific truth is something that can be tested or measured, and logical truth is something that can be proved by reason. So for a statement to be intellectually true it must agree with knowledge (fact or reality), or be logically correct, or both

Guidance into Truth

Life is a search for absolute truth. If we are looking for intellectual truth, we may be able to discover it ourselves. We could do an historical investigation, or a scientific experiment. But often science can only make tentative claims to absolute truth, since different ‘truths’ may emerge later. For example, is the ‘Big Bang’ theory of our universe absolutely true? And is Darwinian evolution absolutely true, or is it a theory to be tested?

At any point in time there is a limit of what we have discovered in terms of intellectual truth. Similarly, there is a limit of what we have discovered in terms of absolute ‘moral’ truth. Who sets the moral standard, and what is it?

source of truth

If we accept our human search for truth is limited, we must turn to a source outside ourselves. We look for transcendent truth – a truth beyond human comprehension!

Christians maintain that such absolute and transcendent truth (in both the moral and intellectual sense) can be found in the God of the Bible. They maintain that absolute truth about life is revealed to man in various ways, but primarily through the Bible. They hold that we can be guided towards the moral truth on difficult issues, such as sexual ethics, justice, and the dilemma of the Palestinians.

They claim the Bible also gives guidance on intellectual issues, such as the origin (and future) of the earth, see dating the earthevolutionclimate change and cashless trading, although obviously omitting scientific details.

Conditions on Truth

A fundamental biblical concept here is that guidance into truth (that is – absolute truth) can only come from the ‘Holy Spirit’ or the ‘Spirit of truth’. Jesus said:

When He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth … and He will disclose to you what is to come

John 16:13

So who is the Spirit of truth? According to the Bible the pronoun ‘He’ is a person, the third person of the Godhead (download The Trinity). He is sent into the world by God to help and guide those who put their trust in Jesus Christ. He indwells believers in Christ.

The gift of the Spirit of truth is specific to believers (John 14:17), and so in this sense truth is supernaturally revealed. Unbelievers cannot receive this revelation. Put another way, the Holy Spirit ‘unlocks’ truth. Sadly, when believers attempt to convey what are clearly absolute biblical truths to unbelievers they are often accused of bigotry.

The Source of Truth

Jesus said that He Himself is the source of all truth. He said:

I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me

John 14:6 (emphasis added)
source of truth

Here Jesus uses the definite article to distinguish Himself as ‘the Way‘ and ‘the Truth‘ and ‘the Life‘. He is claiming all truth (whether absolute, or situational requiring a choice) comes from Himself. He claimed to be ‘one’ with the Father, and so we conclude that the risen Christ reveals truth originating from God the Father, and that the Holy Spirit is the mechanism if truth revelation to man.

Of course, people question Jesus’ claims. To such C. S. Lewis would say:

A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic – on a level with the man who says he is a poached egg – or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice.

C. S. Lewis, in Mere Christianity

So it is logical to believe Jesus’ claims. Moreover, Jesus claimed that absolute truth exists by being dogmatic on such issues as heaven and hell, morality, creation, judgement and the need for reconciliation to God. Christians are often accused of being fundamentalist or dogmatic, but they are simply following transcendent biblical teaching; the teachings of a person who most certainly was not a lunatic.

If you follow Jesus, ask Him to guide you as you grapple with difficult issues. His Spirit will guide you. If you do not yet know Jesus as Lord of your life, first ask Him to come into your life. The living Jesus will then send His Spirit (the Spirit of truth) to help you unlock biblical truths.

Of course, being fallible humans we can never grasp the complete truth, but we can certainly be supernaturally guided towards absolute truths. As the Psalmist David asked:

Lead me [LORD] in Your truth and teach me

Psalm 25:5

And as Saint Paul said:

Now I know in part, but then [in the resurrection] I will know fully

1 Corinthians 13:12

One Comment

  1. Eric Hyom Eric Hyom 23/09/2022

    Could God love us as he loves himself?

    Here is a childlike and yet profound way to challenge the power of the greatest commandments; when looking for one single purpose that might persuade God to create the universe and life.

    Before the creation of the universe began, imagine God the Father, Son and Holy spirit looking out into the vast empty void of space. They are thinking, we have the power to create anything we want, what is the greatest good thing we can create?

    God could create all the stars and planets and be the supreme builder. He could create plants; and be the finest gardener. God could create the animal kingdom; and be the complete farmer. God could create children in his own image, making God the greatest Father. Can God create anything greater than children in his own image?

    God could love each and everyone of his children as he loves himself. Can there be any greater reason to have children? Could God love us more than he loves himself?

    In a way, God loves us more than he loves himself, because he was willing to send his Son to die for us. In a contradicting way, God knows that he is the greatest being in the universe and retains the power of heaven or hell over us.

    Could there be any greater purpose for God to create the universe and life?

    What greatest purpose can God set mankind?

    We cannot love God as we love ourselves, because that would bring God down to our level, so we have the greatest commandment to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. If God loves everyone as he loves himself, we are given the second greatest commandment to do likewise.

    Did the greatest commandments have a greatest meaning for God first, before he gave them to us?

    When you ask the question; why did Christ say they are the greatest commandment, can it possibly be because Jesus – God can do nothing greater?

    We can marvel at the great attention to detail that is evident in everything from the microscopic cells of life and right up to the giant structures of galaxies. Can you find any greater single purpose for all this to exist? Challenge the above statements in your mind in an honest way, test them against any religious beliefs, and test them against any form of logic.

    I do not wish to claim ownership or any kind of copyright from these words, they are given freely for you to do as you see fit.

    This is only a collection of words to challenge the mind to think, I do not pretend to understand the meaning, or to make any claims of truth from these words. They are written without any qualifications, authority, or any conscious revelations from God. I have sent this to you in the hope that if you should read it, that it may inspire you in some way, then you may also find it worthy to pass onto others who may also pray, meditate on and challenge these words further. My hopes are that they may help to inspire unity, interfaith relations and world peace in some way.

    God’s blessings and peace be with you,

    Eric Hyom.

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