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Antiochus Epiphanes

Antiochus IV

Archetype of the coming World Dictator

There is an intriguing correlation between Antiochus IV Epiphanes
and the future godless World Dictator

Antiochus IV, a king of Syria from 175 BC until 164 BC, adopted the title “Epiphanes”, meaning “god manifest”. He was infamous for his severe persecution of the Jews. He appears to foreshadow the coming ruthless, godless, political, military World Dictator seen in the prophecies of Daniel 7, Daniel 11, Matthew 24 and Revelation 13. Many see this future individual as “the beast from the sea” (Revelation 13:1) and supported by “the beast from the earth” (Revelation 13:11) – the Antichrist. This future persecution of Israel, the ‘Great Tribulation’ of Matthew 24, is terminated by the Second Coming of Christ.

Consider these intriguing correlations between past and future individuals:

  • Antiochus, king of Syria, won his throne by flattery and the destruction of those who opposed him (Dan 11.21-23). Compare this with the emergence of the end-time world dictator – the pompous “little horn” of Daniel 7:8,20.
  • He magnified himself above others (Dan 8.11) and called himself ‘God Manifest’ on coins in the later years of his reign. Hence the title ‘Epiphanes’ (‘God Manifest’). Compare this with the blasphemy of the coming world dictator: Dan 11.36, 2 Thes 2.4, and Rev 13.5,6,15.
  • Antiochus, as ‘king of the north’, made war with the ‘king of the south’ or Egypt. He attacked Egypt several times (Dan 11.25,29). Compare this with military action against Egypt from the world dictator (Dan 11.40-43).
  • He wrote to his whole kingdom decreeing that everyone leave his or her laws (1 Macc 1.41,42,49). Compare this with ‘… and he (the world dictator) will intend to make alterations in times and in law‘ (Dan 7.25).
  • Antiochus forbade sacrifices in the Jewish temple (1 Macc 1.45, Dan 8.11). Compare this with ‘… but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice …’ (Dan 9.27).
  • Antiochus polluted the Jewish temple by sacrificing swine’s flesh (Dan 8.13,11.31, 1 Macc 1.46,47). He also set up an abomination upon the altar (1 Mac 6.7) – there he placed a statue of Zeus, the god he believed was manifest in his own royal being. Compare this with the future ‘abomination of desolation’ (Dan 9.27, Mat 24.15).
  • He put to death all those who would not obey him (1 Macc 1.50,62-64). Compare this with Rev 13.15.
  • Antiochus persecuted the Jews for some three and a half years. Compare this with Dan 12.7 and Rev 12.6, which probably refer to the persecution of Israel in the latter half of Daniel’s Week 70.

Given that these two individuals correlate well in their character and activity, it is not unreasonable to apply the historical details of Antiochus (lineage and geographic location) to point to possible regions of the world from which the world dictator might emerge.

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