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Worldviews and the Bible

Biblical Responses to Commonly held Worldviews

Here’s a number of commonly held worldviews, both secular and religious. Click on a statement to see a biblical response. Brief comments are invited.

Secular Worldviews

1. Science says the Earth is billions of years old

2. Darwinian-type evolution is a scientific fact

3. Science will help solve the world’s problems

4. Man can solve global warming if nations act soon

5. A World Government is the only way forward for mankind

6. A cashless society will be a safer society

7. Same-sex physical relations (as in same-sex marriage) are OK

8. There is no such thing as absolute truth, all is relative

9. We re-incarnate when we die

10. We cease to exist when we die

11. Israel generated the Palestinian refugee problem

12. It is a woman’s right to have an abortion (pro-choice)

Religious Worldviews

1. There can’t be a loving God – there’s too much suffering

2. There are many ways to God – all are legitimate

3. God is impersonal and unknowable

4. Jesus was a good man, but not God incarnate

5. God created all things good, so we can eat anything

6. The Church has replaced the nation of Israel

7. Life is normal – there are no signs of Christ’s return

8. Jerusalem is the Palestinian capital

9. Israel is stealing Palestinian land

10. The Bible is not a scientific book

11. The Bible was written by men, not by God

12. Adam and Eve were mythical characters

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